ℒeek Soup – 1915 Recipe

It was a lovely sunny morning and like all Saturdays mornings I went to the market to get my fresh vegetables and fruits! Nothing is more enjoyable than starting my weekend by riding my bike with the sun in my eyes on my way to the market.
I love all the colours of natural foods, the best foods you can eat to nourish your body. Foods with no labels, sell-by-dates, which says everything.

Afbeelding 878

Sadly, and especially nowadays these natural foods are not as natural as they should be and ironically it is the fault of man, with all his greed for profit.  I’m talking about chemicals and GMOs.
But like everything in life, there is the other side of the coin and in this case, a good one,  where we can find solutions to these contradictions (artificially created to change the cycle of nature) for example, with not much effort we can still have our veggies and fruits full of their colourful benefits so beautifully created for us by nature.
But I’ll leave this theme for another post. Because today we gonna prepare a delicious Leek soup following the recipe of Mme. Jules Segers from the book “The Belgium Cookbook” edited by Mr.Brian Luck and published in 1915.


Below, I have written it exactly how it appears in the book:

“Cut up two onions and fry them till they are brown; you need not use butter, clarified fat will do very well. Clean your leeks, washing them well; cut them in pieces and fry them also; add any other vegetables that you have, two medium-sized potatoes, pepper, salt, and a little water. Let all simmer for three hours, and pass it through a fine sieve. Let there be more leeks than other vegetables, so that their flavor predominates”

Afbeelding 920

  • I used carrots as the additonal vegetable (three carrots), olive oil extra virgin insted of clarified fat and sea salt insted of regular salt. Is the salt that I normally use.
  • I used two leeks, two big onions and two medium potatoes.
  • I fried the onions and leeks with the olive oil and a bit of pepper while the potatoes and carrots were cooked in water and salt.
  • I must say 3 hours is long time to simmer a soup. I guess it’s because it had to be pressed through a sieve, as liquidisers/food blenders weren’t around then.

Afbeelding 939

Et Voilá! This soup is really delicious! If you want to improvise you can separate some small slices of the green part of the leek and after, you can add in the soup and let it cook a bit. To accompany the soup you can add small pieces of toasted bread or what comes to your mind 🙂

I would love to hear any additional ideas you have for the leek soup of Mme. Jules.

I hope you enjoy and Bon Appétit!

M. Hanshaw


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