Beet & Orange Smoothie

Good Morning Monday!

I woke up  with a strong desire of Beet Juice!

I confess that the coffee remains to this day, to be one of my favorite little pleasures , mainly in gray mornings. And any coffee lover understands this relationship. But, this morning the rebelliousness escaped to the temptation and here’s an Mini Beet & Orange Smoothie.
Afbeelding 1059

Simple and Delicious!

There are those who love or who hate beets. I’m in the group that loves it! It’s sweet, refreshing and full of benefits and powerful antioxidants.

By the way, is one of the my favorite vegetables, after carrots 😉

For this small smoothie I used the juice of one Orange and half of a raw Beet and two small sheets of Mint.

I’m sure you’ll love it!

M. Hanshaw



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