What would be a Summer without Watermelon?

 Watermelon! How I love it!

The sweet fruit that always brings back memories of my childhood. My grandfather used to have a vegetable garden behind the house and planted many vegetables and in summer as usual, had many watermelons, thus it became my favorite fruit and still is, so far.

I loved those hot summer afternoons when I took my dolls to a small house in the backyard, where my grandfather kept the fruits and vegetables he reaped. My grandfather taught me how to choose a ripe watermelon, to know when it was good to eat. Those were my favorite “candies” to delight me and get smeared in juice – haha!

Fortunately the season of watermelons is at the door and to celebrate it I bought my first one of the year in the nearby market and I decided to make a refreshing juice drink from this fruit, with its origins in Africa and its unrivalled flavour.

Afbeelding 414

Simple as it sounds! I used a baby watermelon. I cut it the top and scooped out the fruit pulp with a knife, scrunched in a blender and returned it to the beautiful hollow rind which are the ideal container to delight me – haha – I added a little mint to add some decoration 😉

A small curiosity … did you know that in ancient Egypt watermelons were placed in the tombs of kings to feed them in the ‘life’ after death? In fact it was in Egypt that harvested the first watermelons about 5,000 years ago. Curious, right?

What about you?  What is your favorite fruit? 🙂


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